Programs and Routines


It is important that students come to classes prepared with the following; pens, pencils, erasers, ruler, glue stick, scotch tape, lined refill paper, calculator, geometry set, highlighters, binders, and binder dividers. All students must have shorts, t-shirt and running shoes for Physical Education. Students without school supplies will have them provided.


Joint ventures with our community have resulted in some tremendous support that has benefited Emily Carr M.S., most especially the students.


Occasionally it may be necessary to dismiss students early. For their safety, please ensure that alternate arrangements are made and rehearsed with them, taking care to update school records. Severe weather is most common in school closures and will be announced on all local radio stations as well as through the OCDSB Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can also call the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority at 613-224-8800 or click here for up to date information on school closures.


The council consists of parents, principal, staff, and a community representative. Council welcomes parents to their monthly meetings. Please watch the website for dates and topics.


A number of activities outside the regular school day are offered to students such as sports, Student Parliament, clubs, etc. Late buses are not provided for students involved in these activities. They must arrange their own transportation home.


A number of field trips are planned annually by individual class teachers and often by groups of teachers and classes. These trips are an integral part of the school program and as such are directly linked to the learning outcomes of the unit being taught. Trips are run on a cost-recovery basis. As such, costs to students are assessed based on the transportation costs and any charge for admission. Please note, in the event that your child is unable to attend a scheduled field trip, we reimburse only the portion of the fees collected which are refundable to the school. We often require volunteers in order to participate in a field trip. Permission forms will be sent home for these activities, requiring parental signature. Permission forms can also be found on the school calendar which is posted on the home page of our website. The school seeks your co-operation in returning these forms as promptly as possible; deadlines will be strictly enforced in order to allow teachers to plan more effectively.


Most of the fundraising at Emily Carr Middle School is managed by the Emily Carr School Council. On occasion students will initiate some fundraising ideas to support a community organization or a special event. At times, ECMS Staff also fundraise to support clubs and teams.


There are many opportunities to use the library. When borrowing from the library, students are responsible for returning, in good condition, any book(s) they have signed out. Borrowing privileges may be suspended until overdue books are returned.


Emily Carr newsletters will be posted to the ECMS website. You can click here to see the Newsletters. Automated emails will be sent once a newsletter has been posted to the website. Families that do not have access to the Internet will still be able to receive hard copies of the newsletter.


Global pandemics have made us all very aware of how quickly infections can spread and the role we each play in keeping our communities, families and ourselves healthy. You play an important role in keeping your children, as well as, the staff and students of your school healthy. If your child becomes ill, it is important to let the school know the reason for your child’s absence. It is important to report the following symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, fever, cough and/or headache, so that clusters of the same illness can be quickly identified and measures taken to reduce the spread. Proper hand cleaning is the most effective method for preventing the spread of germs, infections and communicable diseases. Studies have shown that people do not wash their hands properly or often enough.

What you can do:

Wash your hands; it is your best defense against the spread of illness.

  • Keep children at home when they are sick. Ottawa Public Health recommends: Respiratory illness: stay at home for 5 days from the beginning of the symptoms. Gastro intestinal illness: stay at home for 48 hour after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhea. This is to prevent the spread of the bacteria or viruses that may be causing the illness.
  • Get the Flu shot.
  • Keep yourself healthy: eat healthy food; be active; get plenty of sleep; don’t share anything that touches your mouth and stay home when you are sick.


Students will take Physical Education classes four times a week. One of these days is outdoor physical education. Health and Dance are also components of this program. On the fifth day, students will take part in 20 minutes of Daily Physical Activity with their homeroom teachers. All students are expected to participate in gym unless a letter from a medical doctor is on file. It is important for all students to have a change of appropriate clothes and shoes to participate in gym for hygienic and safety reasons. If a parent sends a note for a student to be excused from gym on an occasional basis, then that student is still expected to dress for gym and participate in a limited way according to what he or she is capable of doing.


We support students to become the very best they can be; students with identified special needs will be integrated into regular classes, wherever appropriate. The Learning Support teacher, the Learning Resource Teachers and our Educational Assistant may provide programming and teacher support within regular classes. We also work with students to develop the organizational and self-advocacy skills necessary for long-term success.


A few times a year, dances are planned by Student Parliament. These afternoons usually include a dance, computer lab or game room activities, and study hall, all of which are supervised by staff. This is an opportunity for students to actively engage in developing leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as to build a sense of community.


Early in the fall individual photographs are taken and will be available for sale by “Lifetouch”. The photographer will return in the spring to offer photo packages to our grade eight students on their leaving. Purchasing these packages is optional.


Information regarding bus transportation can be found at

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are not entitled to regular bus service are not permitted to ride the school bus. Students also can NOT switch to another bus even with a note from home due to insurance/ liability issues.


Our school welcomes and encourages parents and community members to participate as volunteers in such activities as library help, office help, student attendance, pizza days, field trips, special events, and student support to name a few. If you can offer assistance, please contact the office at 613-824-5455

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